#4: Today I Write Something…




Today I write something about the art of free writing; writing without rules. For 5 minutes, I am going to write non-stop, not lifting my fingers from the keyboard. Just keep writing. Don’t ponder. Don’t think. Just keep writing. Forget the rules of formal English, because I am only writing for myself. So I don’t have to worry about sentence structures, spelling or punctuation, organisation or clear expressions ( all will fall into place eventually). If I find myself stuck for something, I’m going to repeat the last word I have written, or ‘I’m stuck’ until a fresh thought emerges. After that, the results may not look pretty, but I would have started writing. So at this point of time, I am going to start writing about myself, my life and everything that comes after.


Here it goes. My name is Sarah. I was born and raised in Singapore, a little sunny island with a tropical climate, or rather summer all year long. Not sure of what talents I do have up my sleeves, but I learnt to play the piano at 3. Well, technically, I played the organ before I touched the piano at 7. Well, I needed some basics first, don’t I? Anyway, I always thought that my learning of piano is a very special skill to me. But it came to my realisation that all Asian parents, especially Singaporean parents, they expect their children to pick up a skill so that they can use it/ pursue as a career pathway. What is a skill anyway? A skill is a technique you acquire/pick up. I’m stuck. I’m stuck. I’m stuck. Skills are essentially the type of knowledge that puts food on the table, from my Asian perspective. Like my brother, he picked up golf when he was 4 years old. His journey to becoming a golf professional began. You see, these are the worries and concerns that a Singaporean can have about their children. Unfortunately, I lost touch with my piano pathway due to other commitments. Gradually, it starts to fade into the background.

On the other hand, I picked up blogging because I enjoy writing about my everyday life. Writing is not bad. In fact, I get to hone my language and verbal communication skills, as I keep writing. I’m stuck. I’m stuck. I’m stuck. Until the day I entered The University of Melbourne, my majors required me to attain a certain level of writing standards. That is when I realise that writing is not about having an advanced comprehension of vocabulary. You need not require bombastic words to add fluff to your writing. Therefore, my thesis almost had no bombastic words, I guess. Less is always more. I don’t always succeed in writing profound words or any literary form of cliches because I’ll feel like a hypocrite. A true writer touches your heart with words expressed from his/her heart. I figured that it’s a lot more efficient when my expression becomes simpler and cleaner. I am effectively freed from the confines of vocabulary. An advanced comprehension of vocabulary is not necessarily the best measure of writing a good piece. Some of the most wonderful piece of writing is ‘happened upon’, unplanned, free writing. I’m stuck. I’m stuck.

There is the habit of eating. Brunch is one of my favourite rituals during weekends. I love cafe hopping and this has to be accompanied with a good cuppa – skinny latte. I love having brunches that go on for hours because the weekend is the time to do the things you like, time to relax and for some – making something to eat. I also like the idea of taking photos and write your experiences of tasting the food. Creating memories of my brunch and cafe hopping experience is only going to make me remember where I have been. Writing/reviewing my meals is a favourite pastime, perhaps a little pressurising but it is surely rewarding when your friends asked/approached you on the kind of cuisine that makes you go weak in the knees, or giving an immediate thumbs up.

‘A photo tells you where are the places you have been’ – Andy Warhol. 

That’s the end of my free writing. While it seems like it’s not making sense to you, snippets of these little writing make up my personality, who I am, who Sarah is. Have a go at free writing and perhaps you can share your experience with me in my comment box! Cheers!



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