#25: Today I Write Something

My Memory of You

There’s me. There’s you. There’s us.
We were young and reckless, having fun and living it wild.
We were beautiful together
There were us inside your eyes
My face on your shoulders
Your lips on mine
Those pale blue eyes were intricately wrapped with those velvet lashes
Every time you opened them, it felt like Christmas
Your voice echoed like a sweet lullaby
Your scent was an ecstasy, deliciously addictive.
My heart became a whirlwind of emotions, a hot mess of lust and wonder.
And you were this spark of fire that created this stir of madness in my heart.
You make me feel nostalgic about our love story
I remember us, like it happens all the time
We were a dream, and we became a reality,
Somehow, I like to think that we are the sun and moon,
And we will meet one day
Like how our paths will cross,
This is going to be us one day,
For now, we are only a memory.


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