#38: Today I Write Something

As I try to make sense of my surroundings
I arrived home in tattered rags and disheveled hair
My mind blurs into the things I’ve never done
Can I hope to achieve what I really want?
Questioning my worth
Questioning my existence
I wish I could block out those distractions
They are nothing but white noise
Once again
I’m starting to feel sorry for myself
When I know I shouldn’t
Have a little faith
Hold onto the flickr of hope
Everything’s going to be alright, girl
You cannot kill me now
Bring your band of brothers, your soldiers and all the monsters you have
For you cannot kill me here
Even though I’m not there yet
At least I know where I’m going
You just cannot kill me now
Prepare for an onslaught of adventures that awaits
This is going to be an exciting journey


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