#39: Today I Write Something

Anything Can Happen

A year from now
Things will change
Some of our friends will move away
They are going to a better place
Our friends will be gone by then
I’ll miss their faces like hell
Not sure of what the world might bring
Hell yeah, we’re going to live so well

Been talking about the way things change
What’s going to happen to the people around us?
A slice of life always takes us by surprise
My imagination gets the best of me
Worst of all, I would feel lost
I would never make it, if I’m on my own

As soon as I start to ponder over whether that damn thing will kill me or make me stronger,
Remember the pain,
Trace those scars,
See those wounds,
I’d realised that I’d been asking myself the same old question many times

Just when I thought that I was moving forward
I see myself going back and forth
Walking back to the same spot, from where I started for the first time
Once again, I’m feeling torn and lost
Wandering and wondering
Even if I belong nowhere
It’s both a gift and a curse, like any kind of freedom
Looking for the light to ignite my bones
And a set of guiding stars to guide me home


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